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Fire Master Services – Your Comprehensive Partner in Fire Protection

At Fire Master, we are your go-to provider for fire sprinklers and hose reels across Australia, offering expert fire protection services for commercial, industrial, and high-rise residential properties.

Our installations, whether internal or external, serve as crucial water sources for buildings, tenants, and fire brigades, aiding in firefighting efforts and fire spread prevention. Our services encompass inspection, installation, maintenance, and certification, ensuring your fire protection system is always ready for use.

Our skilled team excels in designing, installing, and managing efficient and effective automatic fire sprinkler systems.

Adhering to building codes and sprinkler designs, we create systems that activate automatically upon detecting heat, dispensing water strategically to suppress fires rapidly and minimize damage. Our meticulous approach ensures proper identification of fire risk, determination of water density needed, and the design of a water distributing system that suits your premises and water supply economically.

As Fire Equipment’s Australia, we guide and assist in complying with in-house fire safety essentials like portable fire extinguishers, fire blankets, signage, and emergency exit plans.

Our commitment extends to ongoing maintenance, testing, and compliance with Australian Standard AS1851 for fire suppression and detection systems. Explore our extensive range of fire safety products, making us your most comprehensive and best-value online fire safety equipment outlet in Australia.

Regular testing and maintenance of fire safety equipment are paramount. Our experienced technicians, as part of the Fire Master maintenance program:

  • Test fire safety equipment according to Australian Standards.
  • Repair and replace equipment and components as needed.
  • Record all work carried out and issue a certificate of inspection.

Fire Master leads in cutting-edge fire detection and alarm systems, offering Emergency Warning and Intercommunication Systems and customizable Fire Indicator Panels.

From installation to service and maintenance, our team handles all components of a fire detection system, ensuring your enterprise, facility, or municipality stays protected with the latest technologies and reliable solutions.

Choose Fire Master Services – where expertise meets dedication for a safer, secure future.